Welcome to RUST 185, The Novels of Vladimir Nabokov!

Welcome, friends!

This is the course blog for The Novels of Vladimir Nabokov!

Please use this blog as a place to post questions and ideas about the reading and links to relevant websites and resources. You may also use this board as a place to post invitations to  events you’d like us to know about even if they aren’t related to Nabokov in any obvious way. (Choir concerts? Lectures? Sports events?)

If you are interested in completing the required work for this course, you will also post at least one question/comment and one response to another student’s question/comment concerning each of the novels we read for this class. (For purposes of this tally, consider the opening cluster of short readings as the first “novel…”)

Assignment 1: sign up, get a wordpress username (remember, this blog is in the public sphere, so you might have privacy conerns), and post a test comment or response. Send me an email if you’re having technical difficulties.




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