Frau Monde in “A Nursery Tale”

I am interested in the character of Frau Monde from Nabokov’s short story “A Nursery Tale.” Although Frau Monde is the devil, she is lighthearted and has a sense of humor. When explaining the rules of her so-called game with Erwin, she says, “I intend, before going, to have a bit of innocent fun” (Nabokov 164). Furthermore, although Erwin fails to select an odd number of women at the end of the story, Frau Monde apparently lets him off the hook, so to speak, although Erwin still feels miserable and depressed. I find Nabokov’s depiction of the devil peculiar and somewhat sympathetic. Like John Milton inĀ Paradise Lost, Nabokov, I suppose, could be a writer of the devil’s party.

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