The Spider and the Moth

I could quote a few of the references to the moth, but at the beginning of chapter 19 it is described in detail. It seems like a foil to the spider. The two seem intertwined, both as predator vs. prey and fake vs. real

One thought on “The Spider and the Moth

  1. I also saw a lot of instances wherein the Spider and the Moth act as symbols in conjunction with one another in the story. I think the scene that most climactically encapsulates the relationship between the spider and the moth is between pages 202 and 204. The scene shows Rodion trying to feed the moth to the spider, but to no avail, leaving the spider unfed and revealing Rodion to no longer have control in the situation. I also think there is some kind of connection between Emmie and the moth, who are both decried as being “downy” in texture. As soon as Emmie is shipped off to school to have the creativity sucked out of her, the next chapter depicts the spider devouring a moth (p. 169).

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