Critical Readings on Lolita

There is simply a MASSIVE (!) literature on Lolita. If you decide to write about this book, you will need to engage in some of it.

I’ve posted just a few things on Sakai. Freeman is GREAT on the American tradition of the “honeymoon” with an underage girl. Patnoe is problematic, but makes some excellent points (not so much as a literary scholar, but as a psychologist) about the costs of reading Lolita–this is part of the feminist critique of the book. “The Critical Heritage” shows you some of the earliest responses to the book’s publication. Naiman I will probably regale you with in more detail: he deals with the Shakespearean subtext in Lolita, in connection with the “hermeneutics of perversion” that we’ve already talked about. Proffer offers an great early analysis of the book and spells out the Quilty through-line, which I think is extremely helpful.

Have fun!


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