Student Sign Up

If you’re a student trying to add yourself to a class blog for the first time, there are two steps.

The first step is to register an account on the Blogs.Pomona system. The Register link in the sidebar of most blogs will take you to the signup screen. You can choose any user name you like. You can use any working email, but it’s easiest if you use a college email address so your professor can more easily identify you.

The second step is to add your account to the specific blog for your class. Your professor may choose to do this in different ways. The first thing to try — after you’ve registered and logged in, go to your course blog sitewhere you may see a button in the sidebar that says “Add Me.” Click that button and you should be able to log in to your course blog.

If you have any trouble with signing up, please contact your professor and/or for assistance.

Sign Up Help for Professors

You can choose to add your students by hand to better ensure they’re all registered at once, or you can put the Add User widget in your sidebar and choose their default access level once they’ve successfully registered. Please contact for assistance or advice.

More information

ITS has a WordPress Quickstart for our Research pages — the interface is the same as for your course blog, so this guide will serve as a useful introduction.